"sculptural relief in motion" 14

"Das Mädchen und der Fluß" 10

”begierde” by Manfred Aichinger, A, 07

”alles gelogen ?1+2 ” by Manfred Aichinger, A; 02+05

”rien ne va plus”, by Nikolaus Adler, A; 02

*“stell dir vor ....“, by Karin Steinbrugger, A; 03

*“Frauenmythos“ for the fFIEDA Dance Festival Toronto(CA), 01



Tanztheater Homunculus
by N. Selimov & M. Aichinger, A, Ensemble member since 2002
”über den Dächern von St.Petersburg” by Manfred Aichinger D07
”Giftige Flügel” by Karin Steinbrugger A06-07
”Verstörung” by Manfred Aichinger A06
”ALTSBURG:EUTOPA” by Bernd Biener A05
”schach matt!” by Niki Selimov A05
”placebo?” by Andrea Stotter A04
”do you hear the touch of time?” by Manfred Aichinger, Cypress Dance Festival C04
”par terre/Bruchstücke” by Nicole Caccivio A04
”beGIERde” by Manfred Aichinger A03
”n.n.” by Niki Selimov A03
”stell dir vor ....” by Karin Steinbrugger A03
”alles gelogen ?1+2” by Manfred Aichinger A02+05
”moment mal!” by Niki Selimov A02
”rien ne va plus” by Nikolaus Adler A02

Nancy Stark Smith, USA
”performing contact improvisation;” Viljandi Dance Festival, EST; 05;
”ADDING UP TO ZERO*”, Poitièrs dance festival, F, 04

motion worx by Martina Haager, A
”Sahra`s Welten”, A, 04+05+06
“Julian fliegt“, A, 03

Reason d`´etre by Kathleen Rea, CA
“Frauenmythos“ for the fFIEDA Dance Festival Toronto(CA), 01
“Sush“, A, 00

Minimus Maximus by Johannes Rausch, A
„Hop Opa“, BE & A, 02
”Jonna Ponna”, A, 01
“Pulsating“, GB, 00 company Genau by Maika Klaukien, GB
”arbeits.weise” by Maya Slattery, A, 99


„8-to-8 Replay“, video installation; collaboration with the video artist Georg Schönwiese,
„absorbed“, chor.& dance Eva Müller, camera & cut: Georg Schönwiese,
„televoyeur in space&time“ video installation/collaboration for the multimedia art event „10X10“, A